midtownurp asked:
Can we have a shoutout, please? We're a brand new Glee Twins RP and our tags aren't quite working yet. We offer a slight twist on the traditional twins roleplay in that most characters don't know that they have a twin and they certainly didn't grow up with that person. So please come check us out!

Sounds interesting! I’ll be checking it out! Go take a look!


Since I’ve been recieving AMAZING people on my blog I felt like the only way to return it is doing something nice for you guys! So here’s my all-in-one masterpost with more than 180 links! I’ll be adding links sometimes, and if any links are dead you can use this website!

001. Amazing websites:

002. Websites for when you want to: 

003. Tumblr related: 

004. Theme related:

005. Converters and Downloaders: 

006. Make-up/Beauty related:

007. Hair related: 

008. Food related: 

009. Art references: 

010. Read / Write related: 

011. Life Hacks: 

012. Study related:

013. College related:

014. Becoming-an-adult related:

015. Travel related:

016. Movies related: 

017. Other cute stuff:

Anonymous asked:
Then why is "Crackships" crossed out under "What we do"?

I crossed that out a while back and never changed it, it’s my own fault. And our list is very long…so you may have to be prepared to wait for crackship.

Anonymous asked:
Are you and Sunny friends?

Of course we are. We’ve known each other about two years now. 

Anonymous asked:
Can I request a crackship?

You may, it will go onto our to do list. 

My birthday is coming in one week and two days, I will try to finish everything until then! So, keep sending your requests.



this psd is a Time Magazine cover I edited to make customizable (on the left: the bare psd, on the right: a mockup I made for one of my characters) and these are the components involved:

  • the classic red border 
  • the Time logo, made into a layer mask
  • an editable MONTH/DATE/YEAR at the top right

the actual layout of the cover is up to you, so go crazy with ideas and whatnot (the more real looking, the better, obviously)

[ download ]


a guide on: roleplaying

today’s choice: regaining muse

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Anonymous asked:
do you follow rphs back?

Unfortunately not, as this is a sideblog so we can’t. However I follow rph’s on more then one of my blogs. And I know Sunny does too.